When traveling with children under the age of 18 outside of Canada, many countries require written permission to travel if the child is not traveling with both parents or legal guardians due to the increasing incidences of child abduction.
Even if the child is traveling with one of the parents, the consent of the non-accompanying parent may be required by the customs officer.  Generally a letter of consent must indicate the specific travel dates and destinations thereby making a letter of consent to travel for all future trips inadequate. If the child does not have a notarized consent letter, entry or exit may be refused.
Signatures witnessed by an Ontario notary public indicate that the identity of the signatories have been identified and that the facts contained in the letter have been declared under oath. Different parenting rights and custody arrangements may impact on the documents required for travel.  Make an appointment with Epstein Law today to discuss your particular circumstances and have your travel consent letter drafted.